Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

i’ve been stuck in a film rut since february, leaving me very unmotivated & bored of the thought of watching pretty much any film, show, documentary… anything.
so, in attempt to get myself out of this rut, i put this movie on
once i saw the opening scene, a huge smile instantly flushed my face.
and by the time i finished watching, i was reminded of why i fell in love with the world of cinema in the first place… and it’s because of this very movie. 
the way it took less than 80 minutes to become completely captivated by the direction, cinematography, acting performances, and everything in between.
the way i just melted into this cinematic universe like butter on crappy movie theater popcorn…
it’s those exact feelings that had opened my eyes to a whole new passion, hobby, and community of people i would’ve never met or glanced at otherwise, and i genuinely don’t think would not be the cussing person i am today without the existence of this silly little movie. ♡︎
my love for fantastic mr. fox is eternal— here’s to falling in love with more movies. (and less sappy ass letterboxd write-ups)

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