Three Thousand Years of Longing

Three Thousand Years of Longing ★★★★★

Gonna say this now, this movie will NOT be for everyone. That being said, holy fuck this movie was made for me. Making a movie where half of it is the two main characters talking about wish fulfillment, love, and the power of storytelling while the other half one of those characters recounting numerous stories they’ve had throughout their multi millennium life is a sure fire way to make me fall in love with your movie. Throw in some fantasy elements and you have an all timer. Swinton and Elba are phenomenal and their conversations help ground this incredible story. George Miller directs the shit out of this movie with some incredibly unique edits and maybe one of the beautiful films I’ve seen in a long time, from both the color choices and shot composition. If movies where the action is broken up for philosophy and character sounds like a deal breaker for you, this probably won’t be for you as it has an incredibly non traditional story structure. But as for me, this movie reminded me why I love movies in the first place.

Now can someone please pick this for Loggd It on Tuesday so I can gush about this movie and Diner?

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