Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★★★½

note: I wrote this review seconds after watching and I was extremely stunned. I didn’t have any more time after the screening to like rewatch and make sure I agree with all this, but it’s worth it to know that this is basically what I was thinking as I like—‘walked out the theater’ basically.  

It’s transcendent. It’s hard to fully explain in words and I’m being honest—I might just overrate the hell out of this because it was VERY MUCH my shit. It’s insane. The movie was beautiful, the score was stunning...I’ve heard people say that John David Washington wasn’t that good. Well. Forget all that. He’s excellent. The echoes of his dad are definitely present within the performance but he’s amazing. But I know what everyone wants to know. Yes, Zendaya is amazing. Yes, the other possible best actress nominees should be scared. Malcom and Marie is HER movie. Zendaya asked Sam Levinson to make it and it’s clear. She devours her role and commands the screen when she’s on it. In fact, the few times she isn’t on screen it feels like you just can’t wait for her to come back. This is the best thing that Sam Levinson has ever made. This is the best performance that Zendaya has ever gave. And I’m being honest and saying you might not agree or even I might not in the morning. But the rush I feel right now…unmatched. I can’t see anything wrong with it. What else can say without being too dramatic? Masterpiece. Or genuine masterwork 😉

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