Looking: The Movie

Looking: The Movie ★★★★★

“But it would be nice wouldn’t it? To suddenly find something by mistake that makes sense, that makes it all easier.”

doesn’t matter that the show got cancelled and this had to essentially dump a few seasons worth of character development into early dialogue. Doesn’t matter if it’s honestly a little short; It’s perfect, wraps up the entire story of the show so well while also calling back to Weekend in a way. I loved it a lot. It’s hard to really put in words what this means to me but immediately it’s become one of my favorite movies and the show is one of my favorite shows. I’m so sad that it’s over yet so happy that this is what ended it. Ugh. I’m rewatching all of this once a year a man I can’t let go of all this forever.

this show got something against single people I tell you

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