• Forgotten



    Korean thriller that mostly delivers. Twists and turns coming at you fast.

    Drags a bit but mostly kept us interested.

    Film #205 of 2021.

  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    Having a bonus day off, time for a bonus slasher.

    Arguably the first of it's kind, this has a fun cast and split diopter shots galore.

    Really watchable with well developed characters and tension. Solid stuff!

    Film #204 of 2021.

  • Nuclear Shelter

    Nuclear Shelter


    It's the post nuclear holocaust future and a band of survivors inhabit an underground vault. Are the vaults leaders hiding secrets about the surface?

    The only Brazilian SF film I'm aware of, this is creatively made. The future aesthetic wouldn't be out of place ten years earlier, it's dated.

    This was a commentary on the political situation of the times, the message when run through Google auto translation suffered considerably.

    Film #203 of 2021.

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    Got my first Covid shot today, celebrating with my first rewatch of this in 33 years.

    A fantastic film, so dark and beautiful. Incredible performances and great direction make this a treat!

    My first viewing of this was a rented VHS copy on a 14 inch TV. While we watched at about the 45 minute mark, I heard a whimpering noise behind us. One of my girlfriends kids had woken up and was watching in horror. We paused the movie and put him back to bed. Scarred for life!

    Film #202 of 2021.

  • Moon Rainbow

    Moon Rainbow


    There's a board of inquiry concerning an incident on a large spaceship. A space soldier has developed strange powers.

    This had some cool visuals of the dark, eerie ship and interesting atmosphere but I'll be damned if I could figure out the plot entirely. The Google auto translation struggled with the oceans of dialogue.

    For completists only. Some almost good miniature work. Cool synth score and dated analog effects.

    Film #201 of 2021.p

  • Yellow



    A smoking hot Latin girl from Puerto Rico moves to New York City to follow her dream of being a dancer. Sleaze ensues!

    Rosalyn Sanchez wrote and stars in this semi autobiographical drama. Bill Duke plays her brain damaged neighbor and DB Sweeney is her bland love interest.

    It's fine, rather badly written and paced. Lots of wish fulfillment and papering over of garish strip club culture.

    Dance scenes well made, lingering shots of Rosalyn. Doesn't make much of an impression, the drama doesn't stick and the romance is lukewarm.

    Film # 200 of 2021.

  • The Bubble

    The Bubble


    Neat little SF thriller, like an expanded Twilight Zone episode. From the director of The Twonky!

    Three people are trapped in a strange small town where the occupants act hypnotized. Mystery ensues!

    Small scale but pretty effective. Originally shot in 3D with the two images stacked on a single frame, hence the super wide aspect ratio.

    Film #199 of 2021.

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Absolute genius, a top notch film.

    Introducing it to some new people tonight.

    Film #198 of 2021.

  • Premonitions Following an Evil Deed

    Premonitions Following an Evil Deed


    David Lynch does more in one minute than some people do in entire careers.

  • Jakob's Wife

    Jakob's Wife


    Barbara Crampton is great in this modern vampiric tale.

    A mousy ministers wife gets bitten by a vampire, bloodsucking ensues.

    Funny and gruesome, we had a good time with this.

    Film #197 of 2021.

  • Crimson Peak

    Crimson Peak


    Beyond gorgeous production design and cinemaphotography only go so far.

    There's something lacking, can't quite put my finger on it. There's a stiffness that reminds me of the minor Hammer films.

    Too bad, the visual aspects are top notch.

    Edit: The casting. Actors too young and pretty, no sense of gravitas.

    Film #196 of 2021.

  • The Invisible Dr. Mabuse

    The Invisible Dr. Mabuse


    Master manipulator Dr Mabuse is back in this third 60s revival.

    A theatre has strange murders, an American secret agent arrives to investigate.

    Well produced in general with primitive invisiblity effects.

    Film #195 of 2021.