Last Year at Marienbad ★★

In a huge French hotel a man harasses a woman, saying they met a year ago. They didn't....or did they?

This was on the shortlist for the 1963 Hugo awards for Dramatic Presentation.

It's a rather shabby and bloodless story, presented in a way that tries to pass it off as surrealist fancy.

The man confronts the woman over and over, saying they did this and that together. The woman says she doesn't remember and he should go away. Rinse, repeat.

A beautiful film with an eerie monochrome mood. Well dressed people stand frozen in an opulent setting, the camera glides down empty corridors to quiet organ music and whispered voiceovers. Characters recite stilted lines while staring blankly into space. Nothing happens, nothing matters.

This was a chore to sit through. It needs repeat viewings and careful analysis.

Film #166 of 2021.

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