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  • Band of Outsiders

    Band of Outsiders


    I think your enjoyment of this will depend if you like hanging out with these characters.

    A light and amiable film with a groovy vibe and a meandering story. Playful direction makes this a treat.

    Such a cool era, I wish I'd been in my 20s in the 60s.

    Film #168 of 2021.

  • Future-Kill



    Number one on my list of VHS box art letdowns, the sweet HR Giger painting on the cover hides so much disappointment.

    It's possibly the future and a bunch of cocky young fraternity bros journey to the mutant part of town. Can they escape alive?

    The head bad guy has silver armour and retractable claws. The mutant part of town looks like the regular part of town, with more punks. The whole film is a knockoff of The Warriors with…

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  • Prospect



    Low budget SF that does it right.

    The chunky 70s aesthetic was well executed, it's a universe I want to see more of. Special effects beyond the space sequences are minimal but effective, good use of colour grading.

    The real strength here is the solid character work and action filled story, great tension.

    Watchable and recommended.

    Film #92 of 2019.

  • Mandy



    I mostly enjoyed Beyond the Black Rainbow and had some hopes for this trippy revenge tale.

    Brutally slow at first, the film tries to draw you in with colour graded visuals and excellent music before the carnage starts, with mixed results.

    I found it painfully indulgent and goofy at times, aiming for a certain 80s vibe but missing the mark. Its a good effort and certainly original but some scenes were lost in a meandering, bloody haze.

    Might have to rewatch this after....October 17th. 😉

    Film #504 of 2018.