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  • Leviathan
  • The Wicker Man
  • Werckmeister Harmonies
  • Songs from the Second Floor

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  • The Scarecrow


  • Sabrina


  • Pig


  • Hoop Dreams


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  • The Scarecrow

    The Scarecrow


    The early stuff with the two-man mechanical meal is on par with the machinery fun in Modern Times. It's a nice change to see Keaton work in tandem with another great physical presence. He often has rival suitors, but in this case it's a big, bumbling friend and roommate played by Joe Roberts.

  • Sabrina



    If this script had remained as sharp as it was in the first 40 minutes through to the end, we might be talking about the best movie of the 50s. It’s all so clever and charming and purposeful, even when it loses a little steam and Bogart has to start playing conflicted (not his forte).

    Wilder makes so many smart decisions that operate as both jokes and narrative shortcuts; one of those gems is the way Papa Larrabee enters Linus’…

Popular reviews

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Breathtaking feature. Johnson at his whodunnit-loving best.

    Some highlights:

    -Lakeith Stanfield calls Daniel Craig “hoss” no fewer than 40 times.

    -Jamie Lee Curtis won’t stop looking into the camera and mouthing “I was in Halloween.”

    -Not a single knife.

    -Michael Shannon punching Chris Evans in the mouth.

    -Michael Shannon punching Dode in the mouth.

    -Michael Shannon punching me in the mouth (3D screening).

    -It’s actually a prequel to Brick? This didn’t really land tbh.

  • The Magician

    The Magician


    George Melies filmography breakdown:

    10% brilliant, ground-breaking phantasmagoria 

    20% Faust / Mephistopheles 

    70% horny magicians