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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This movies amazing. The attention to detail, the characters , the tension , Fincher is easily one of my fave directors of all time

Things I liked : 
• animal crackers
• get my mans a new lamp
• the scene where Jake is in the house and the man he’s with says “ I draw the posters “ 😦
• the cinematography is great 
• editing is amazing 
• Jake Gyllenhall is excellent 
• RDJ , Mark Ruffalo , everybody pulls off really authentic performances
• the murder scenes are especially intense and filmed expertly , especially the first one 
• I learned that much of the authenticity in the setting was done with effects work , which is flawless . 
• in the same vein the costumes and makeup fit the Era perfect 
• the soundtrack/ score was super intense ( and then hurdy gurdy man bops)
• the tone , atmosphere and lighting are perfect always 
• really like the scene that was all black with news clips playing to show passage of time 
• obviously all my favorite scenes are the murder scenes because they have all the action but I also really enjoyed a lot of the dialogue and script so many of the scenes where characters are trying to solve the murders and then the scene where they finally “ solve it “ is amazing ( the one with ruffalo and gyllenhall  it’s the satisfaction of finally figuring it out )
• crazy interesting movie for sure 
• plot is interesting and really captivated me 

Things I did not like :
• pacing is a bit off in parts 
• it’s a bit long for what it is . Like the story and plot are great but it’s really long . Could’ve trimmed like 25 minutes or more I would say
• some parts I feel have been manipulated further than the truth for cinematic purposes ( which is cool since it’s a movie and never claims to be a true story but some people don’t like that ... I think it was fine though to enhance the story )
• the pacing and length is what really keeps this from being a 10 for me . I love most aspects of it . 
• the commitment that the zodiac was Leigh Allen is cool since it’s based on the book, and that’s the conclusion that comes too however , I do wish it explored some of the other potential suspects as well. And also showing how it never was conclusively solved . I know it makes for a pretty terrible ending I guess but it would have been cool to see ( I know you can’t nitpick a movie for what it isn’t but I don’t know something else that would have maybe benefited the movie )

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