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This review may contain spoilers.

Really fun! 
The ensemble cast was excellent, it’s actually pretty funny (sometimes... there are a couple growners and jokes that don’t fully land)! The plot can also be convoluted, but that was to be expected for a movie in this genre. The craft on display here is actually pretty good, the editing, the camerawork, the sets and costuming were all pretty awesome! Me and my dad went to see this and had lots of fun, it really keeps you guessing. I’ve had a massive crush on Ana de Armas since blade runner 2049 and she gives another fantastic performance here, Daniel Craig is pretty good as well, accent is pretty weird though. All the actors play their parts well and the twists and turns are interesting. Also there were a lot of really small details that were really satisfying to notice, and observe! Some running jokes were really funny too (they kept saying that Ana de Armas’ character was from different South American countries each time and I just thought that was pretty funny). Some interesting foreshadowing that was satisfying to pick up on. Chris Evans plays an asshole pretty well for a guy who is typically the hero. The rest of the cast does some awesome character work. Recommend.

Ps. If you don’t like vomit you might not like this much, there’s a few scenes that are kind of gross.

*watched with Dad*

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