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This review may contain spoilers.

My dads favourite actor is and always will be Clint Eastwood. The coolest cowboy of his childhood. I honestly see a lot of that serious demeanour that Clint always had within my father, I think he probably had a pretty big influence on my dad being a pretty stoic guy.

So as soon as my dad saw the trailer for this he told me he wanted to go see it. My dad doesn’t even really love going to the theatre much anymore, so the fact he wanted to see this was kinda big. He saw it would be a sort of western, with horses, cowboy hats, and the plot largely taking place in Mexico. This was going to be right up his alley.

I was cautiously optimistic about this film however. At first I thought the plot pretty convenient, the acting not great, and some unrealistic romance taking centre stage. Some scenes where it feels like mr.Eastwood doesn’t realize how old he is (we know that’s not you breaking that horse Clint, also no way Fernanda Urrejola wants to seduce him either, under almost any circumstance I can imagine within the context of this film) but honestly I kind of liked these somewhat out of place moments, kind of cute coming from the old man, trying to show he’s still got it. Generally he does 😄! It is shot pretty well actually and as the film progressed I grew more and more endeared by it. It was a lot funnier than I expected, and very wholesome. The film has a very relaxed and mellow vibe within it, and I began to really appreciate that. The meditations on aging, some clever nods to other roles and films, and the serious questions about god began to really win me over. The dynamic between the elderly Clint and his young protegé was great, and kind of a reflection of himself at one point in his career. It was a pretty sweet film all things considered, and knowing this will likely be his last if not one of his last roles, I did feel quite a bit sad towards the conclusion when he says goodbye to Rafo🥲. This calmer less stern and angry Clint was a really pleasant change of pace and I’m into it. Those little jokes and smiles were really sweet. Despite the romance being unrealistic I did actually come around to it. I think a final shot of a wise old man Clint dancing to beautiful music with a woman he loves is really ideal and a great end. I honestly treated this film as a lot more meta commentary on the figure of Clint Eastwood himself, his typical character archetype that he played, his mythos, etc. I enjoyed his thoughts on aging, he knows he’s getting near the end, and I found these moment very intriguing. It’s not perfect but I definitely liked it. Breezy and full of heart.  Simply a very wholesome chill movie that I’m glad I got to see with my dad, who also thought it was great! I loved the slower more relaxed pace. 

( which is good because last time my father went to a movie it was “the green knight” and anyone who has seen that knows it’s not really a movie for people who don’t like to suspend their disbelief too far. ie. my dad 😅 he did not like that movie much but I promised him the next one would be something he would definitely like since I felt I let him down a bit last time. Safe to say I have been redeemed :)

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