Bicycle Thieves ★★★★

My in depth review for this legendary film.

It's pretty good. I like that he stole a bike at the end and that he was disrespectful in church.

This review will soon to be published in all crap film magazines around the country. Don't miss it...

Ok, ok. I'm tired hence the lack of effort but let me at least try and say something about it.

In all honesty I do think the film deserves it's reputation. On first viewing I like it but hardly love it, it is a simple movie that taps in to the social issues in post war Italy, mainly unemployment and poverty. Something as simple as a bicycle can provide work for a man, in order to provide for their families. Without it and it throws into the air Ricci's ability to provide. This leads Ricci and his son to frantically search for the bike and it is interesting to see Ricci's decline, his growing desperation and the ultimate shame that his final act provides. It is a far more downbeat film than I was expecting and that was actually quite refreshing as well as surprising. I think the authenticity of the film lies squarely on shoulders of the two amateur actors in the film, the way they interact with each other and the use of real locations that highlight the slightly decaying look of post war Italy. You get a real sense of the daily struggles that people faced with unemployment and the importance of having your own bicycle is massive.

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