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Paulie Cashews


Just a regulah CVS assistant manager from Kingman, Arizona.

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  • Full Metal Jacket

    Full Metal Jacket


    I recently learned that Matthew Modine almost wasn’t cast as Private Joker because Kubrick didn’t really get anything from most of the reel he was sent. My personal feeling is he should have gone with his gut because this is one rare instance of imperfect casting in a Kubrick movie. I don’t like Modine here at all to be honest, and in general I just find him kind of boring as an actor.

    But that’s really my only significant complaint…

  • The Thin Blue Line

    The Thin Blue Line


    Being on a documentary jag, I decided to go back and watch what is easily and unequivocally my favorite documentary of all time: The Thin Blue Line. In it, Errol Morris uses a masterful combination of real interviews, dramatizations, and forceful score music by Philip Glass to tell the tragic and frankly terrifying story of Randall Adams, a man framed for murder in the most egregious and shocking manner.

    I don’t want to reveal too many details in case someone…

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  • Halloween



    I had seen two John Carpenter movies prior to this one: The Thing and Ghosts of Mars, and my reactions to each could not have been more different. The former was an absolute joy and the latter alternately a joke and a chore. I knew Ghosts was considered a fluke in Carpenter’s career so I still had high hopes going into Halloween, especially since it was seemingly so highly regarded by the horror community.

    And wow did it live up…

  • A Glitch in the Matrix

    A Glitch in the Matrix


    There’s a concept in science known as “falsifiability,” which means the potential to be disproven, or in other words, the capacity to be tested. Un-falsifiable claims are of no interest to scientists because there is no way to affirm or refute them. Do I like Rocky Road ice cream? Prove it. Just hold onto this concept for a minute.

    Having seen some other reviews for this film, I have to say that I think it is tragically misunderstood. I say…