• Happy End

    Happy End


    "Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.." — Søren Kierkegaard

  • Anatomy of a Fall

    Anatomy of a Fall


    Where is Messi’s nomination?

  • Fremont



    Cherished every single second of it. What an absolute treat, so thoughtful, lyrical, powerful and genuine. Every scene seems like a provocation, it made me feel a plethora of emotions. I was expecting to like this movie but I really loved it a lot.

  • Now Is Everything

    Now Is Everything

    Why Anthony Hopkins accepted the role in this movie is a mystery.

  • Caché



    “I'm not going to give anyone this answer. If you think it's Majid, Pierrot, Georges, the malevolent director, God himself, the human conscience - all these answers are correct. But if you come out wanting to know who sent the tapes, you didn't understand the film. To ask this question is to avoid asking the real question the film raises, which is more: how do we treat our conscience and our guilt and reconcile ourselves to living with our actions?” — Michael Haneke.

  • The Deep House

    The Deep House


    It’s watchable, but don’t expect it will blow your mind. I enjoyed the visuals, the claustrophobic feeling.. It proves that an original concept doesn’t necessarily mean it will be good

  • Alone



    Du liebst mich, aber Du weißt nicht, wer ich bin…

    Another underrated one. Full of raw honesty and authentic humanity. Empathetic, well-made and genuinely remarkable.

  • How to Have Sex

    How to Have Sex



  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    I’m not a fan of Italian horror, but this one is a must-see

  • From Beyond

    From Beyond


    Lovecraftian gem with great slimy effects, the movie delivers a unique scifi-horror 80s feel and good fun for fans of low-budget horror. Stuart Gordon tells the story with a similar approach to "Re-Animator", even though some of the black humor is missing. The solid storyline isn't terribly scary, but it is a lot of fun and the effects are top notch. Gordon has a very unique style combining the high tech gore with old fashioned charm that makes for a refreshing horror film.

  • Sssssss



    A courageous work. Real snakes were used in the movie, so total respect for it and the actors for working with the real deal. Also, extra points for the make-up effects, very well done

  • Cabin Fever

    Cabin Fever

    They tried to do some kind of horror-comedy and failed miserably