Logan ★★★★★

“Nature made me a freak... man made me a weapon... and god made it last too long.”

They need to make more rated-R super hero movies, and lemme tell ya, they use that R-rating to good use off the get-go. 

Logan doesn’t seem like a super hero movie. It has such a real feel to it that only a one other super hero movie have been able to accomplish (Black Panther) and it doesn’t look like fake bullshit CGI either. Good lord there were some scenes that were too gory to watch... which is perfect.

A complete masterpiece in the genre as Hugh Jackman proves he’s a good ass actor in his final portrayal as Wolverine, along with Dafne Keen as Laura (X-23) who I hope (I’m pretty sure she is) gets her own stand-alone movie. 

I honestly don’t think Logan can be topped... ever.

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