Avengers: Endgame ★★

Even manages to undo some of the problems of Infinity War by acknowledging and making our characters repent for being massive useless fuck-ups, though that this is largely externalized through "Haha, <typically conventionally attractive character> is a sad fat now!" gags means that it ultimately earns it very little goodwill. Another character literally becomes a homicidal psychopath, which is completely ignored because the only people in this universe who matter get put on the poster. Even as long as this is, another 10 minutes to examine what life is like on this Earth would have done wonders for the stakes as well as simply being more interesting than anything else going on, but who the fuck could possibly care about ordinary humans when there are sad PB&Js to eat?

Was mostly looking forward to the time heist but it's as sluggish and uninspired as everything else. Maybe it meant more to the poor unfortunate souls who remember plot details to Thor 2, one of the worst big budget films I've ever seen in my life. Still a notch above for actually telling some kind of proper story for at least 45 minutes before doing the McGuffin shuffle, a hole Infinity War falls into immediately. And obviously this sort of thing plays better on a big screen with loud speakers than my tiny TV whose bass end buzzes.