Listened to the Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson commentary:

Craven gabbed about the white hot star-power of Matthew Lillard quite a bit. His improvisations made the old horror maestro crack up more than once during his trip down Screamory lane! WHAT?

The commentary contains some surprisingly deep thoughts, though, like when Ghostface first breaks through a sliding glass door in Drew Barrymore's wine country manse. "We see the barrier once protecting her from the outside world has been broken." Also, the horror derived from the Ghostface costume, itself. Anyone can throw on a cheap robe and rubber mask and indulge anonymously in their darker, more primal impulses. We are all the Ghostface killa, according to Craven. The darkness chomping at the heart of man. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The commentary shone more light on meta elements as well, like John Carpenter's Halloween video tape score synced perfectly to some Ghostface stabby scares. And the layered act of watching plays an important part in the final act. The viewer watches Courtney Cox and her cameraman watch Jamie Kennedy as he watches Halloween while Ghostface watches him behind a couch. Oof! Scream is waaaaay smarter than I once gave it credit for!

I also like Craven's stance on postmoderism. To him, modernism represents an embrace of technology and an optimistic view the future. Onward, forward! But postmodernism, as seen in Scream, shows the darker side and imperfections with our relationship to technology. Cell phones terrorize teens from afar, etc! Too good!

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