Dark Water

Dark Water ★★★½

I can't get enough of the rust browns and muted hues and grime and daylight drab coloring most early 2000s J-horror! What ambience! What a distinct L-O-O-K that fills every broke down apartment corner with spectral dread. There's something truly uncanny and terrifying about the stain of past trauma seeping into the benign present until carpet dampens and wallpaper peels and pipes burst and all the ghastly pain and sorrow pools 'til we can't ignore it and drown. Dark Water vibes on this slow-drip atmosphere for a looooooong while before any ghouls bump in the night. But when they surface, they really dig their broken nails deep to drag ya back to the depths. What a heartbreaking and spooky li'l movie that defied my hardened horror expectations!

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