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  • The Driller Killer

    The Driller Killer

    Some gems from Abel Ferrara on the Arrow blu-ray commentary track:

    He wants to direct a Jekyll and Hyde movie starring Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent?? "It would be Forest changing into 50. No one has ever done that movie. . . yet."

    "Put the Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes in this package."

    "Union Square. Andy Warhol would watch us out of a window."

    A homeless man cleans a car windshield: "This was pre-Giuliani New York. These guys…

  • Le Bonheur

    Le Bonheur



    Le Bonheur really has an axe to grind about free love and how it's basically used by men to sleep around with no perceived consequences and makes everyone involved kind of feel awful. Except the instigator who's actually into it. Loving one person would just be sacrificing the self, right? Whenever a polyamorous person lays on their spiel, I feel like they're going to hand me a copy of The Fountainhead. It's all about what makes that…