• Godzilla



    I wonder if Oppenheimer ever watched Godzilla

  • Mississippi Grind

    Mississippi Grind


    Most horrifyingly stressful movie subgenres (for me)
    1. movies about eighth grade
    2. movies about gambling

  • Baraka



    how the hell do you even shoot this

  • Bad Moon

    Bad Moon


    Yes this movie has a lot of "problems" but it's also a movie that really goes the extra mile where it counts. When a werewolf slashes a guy, it doesn't JUST cut his throat open – it also tears off two fingers from his hand which then dangle there from a piece of skin

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue



  • The Five Devils

    The Five Devils


    I'd like to imagine the pitch for this movie was "what if a little girl was so good at smelling that she could time travel"

  • Ghosted



    This is not a real movie. This is a fake movie from within another movie. Like a movie where Chris Evans plays a movie star and he’s making a movie and the joke is how bad it is.

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    Tony Scott understood that all exterior day scenes should take place at sunset and modern filmmakers need to remember that

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    First time seeing it on the big screen and somehow one of the best things ever made got even better

  • Memoria



    The whole time I was like “hmm this could go either way depending on how it ends” and folks, I’m happy to say it ended VERY STRONG

  • PlayTime



    How the hell do you even make this movie? What the fuck does the script even look like? I don't understand. This seems impossible. Jesus christ.

  • Bottoms



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Going in I would not have predicted this movie would have multiple fiery explosions