Logan ★★★★★

I consider myself an X-Men fan, be it on the pages of the Uncanny X-Men comic series, the superb animated television series or the wildly varying, but mostly excellent, film series. I love seeing the Wolverine lop a goon's arm off or Magneto muster up all his mutant might to lift a baseball stadium onto the White House lawn. But honestly, after everything I've seen as an X-Men fan, my absolute X-moment comes from Logan. Seeing Logan, Charles and Laura sitting down for dinner with the Munson family is such a simple but effective sequence. These three, who have known nothing but conflict pretty much all their lives, enjoying a tiny slither of peace and normality is about as relatable as comic characters have ever come, certainly to me anyway.

I knew this was going to be an emotional affair, but I promised myself I would hold it together. I held it together at Charles' tragic and untimely death. I just about held it together as the life drifted out of Logan and he held Laura's hand.

But when Laura, standing disconsolate at Logan's makeshift graveside, turned the cross on its side to make an 'X' shape, I was completely overwhelmed by emotion and I just burst into tears. Not only is this such a beautiful way to end this film, or even serving as such a fitting farewell to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, the two stalwarts of the X-Men franchise, the reason it made me so emotional is because this single moment acted as the final curtain call for the X-Men as I have known it for 17 years. With the deaths of Xavier and Logan, the roster of mutants that I grew up with and whose stories made such an impact was finally gone. How can such a tiny piece of iconography mean so much to me and move me to such sadness/happiness? That, my friends, is the power of storytelling.

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