• Nope



    A solid 3. I keep seeing reviews about the sister being annoying. I didn’t find her annoying at all. It is a cool Sci-Fi flick but overall the story could have been better. It never circles back to stories from the beginning of the movie. Like pointless to have it in the movie if it’s only purpose was it’s a horror shot unrelated to the movie. Like it was meant for soMething else. Like the disfigured woman from all the trailers is from a pointless story in the movie. That’s the only part of the movie I found annoying.

  • Ms. Marvel

    Ms. Marvel


    It’s like if Marvel put every bit of effort into letting you know Steve Rogers is from Irish immigrants. Only it’s Pakistani instead. Is this a comic book show? The actress is good. The story is shit. I still have no idea who the villain is. The Jinn as a whole. The one dude that was kind of her boyfriend.

  • Us



    Another good movie by Peele that I don’t understand why people call it a masterpiece. Seems like a rip off of invasion of the body snatchers. Another un-original idea.

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    It’s good but reminds me a lot of Skeleton Key. Not sure why everyone is saying this is a masterpiece. It’s been done.

  • Watcher



    Very slooooow burn but an ok ending

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    It is a Cronenberg film. Very well made. The actors seem confused throughout the entire movie. Not bad acting but like it was a table read and the director was ok with that. It’s just under 2 hours so not a total waste.

  • Dark Angel

    Dark Angel


    Opening credits. MGM. Paramount. Someone gave a shit about this movie. They were like. This is the one. For a 90 minute movie. It has a little bit of everything and I found it entertaining at 1:40 in the morning. 3 stars for Dolph Lundgren doing roundhouse kicks.

  • South Park the Streaming Wars

    South Park the Streaming Wars


    Watched this with headphones on and Dolby Atmos running. Uncensored WAP hits in a different way. Randy figuring out why everyone calls him Karen. It was enjoyable

  • The Stuff

    The Stuff


    Passed up watching it forever. Heard good things but denied it. For what it is and when it was made. This is a solid horror movie

  • Uncharted



    The CG looks like they only looked at the video game and was never told Tom Holland was playing Nathan. It’s ok. Not sure what people who never played the video games think of it. I prefer the video games to the movie. Overall

  • No One Lives

    No One Lives


    Blood, gore and explosions. Huge gaps and explanations in the story. Yet I watched the whole thing and it was enjoyable

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    5 stars if they finally end it. Garbage. Michael Myers is not scary