Halloween ★★★★★

John Carpenter created the best of the original slasher films with HALLOWEEN, a dark, quiet thriller about a psychopath in a hockey mask who terrorizes Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Carpenter has three things going for him with this film: 

1) It's scary, not gross. By keeping the violence and bloodshed to a minimum (compared to Freddy and Jason), the film doesn't make you queasy. Carpenter smartly relies on tone. 

2) His brilliantly simplistic score sets up that tone wonderfully and it captures the true sound of fear and paranoia. 

And 3) the lovely miss Curtis, who went on to become an underrated (and sadly under-utilized) actress. She's the original scream queen, and still the best.

The sequels are all a joke ("H2O" is the best of the bunch but that's not saying much) but make no mistake -- this one is the real thing.

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