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Hooptober 5.0 - Take me home, Carpenter road - The 25th entry, 28.10.2018.

Halloween (1978) - 40th anniversary screening at the Prince Charles Cinema

*halloween piano intensifies*

John Carpenter's slasher classic is now a middle-aged 40-year-old man, but it still strikes as fiercely as the 6-year-old Michael Myers stabbing his naked sister to death.

Simplicity is the key. Carpenter takes a simple & powerful soundtrack and a concept of unspeakable, indestructible evil appearing on the Halloween night for babysitter bloodbath (to show the drastic consequences of premarital sexting) and then executes it in a way that plunges into your heart like a cold blade. Voilà, the perfect nightmare has become reality.

One of the most chilling nights of murder, one of the most memorable horror soundtracks, one of the most threatening shapes of cinema... ever. The bogeyman isn't just a myth and Halloween proves it; death is lurking in the darkness and it will get you.

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