Tokyo Family

Tokyo Family ★★★★½

Yamada Yoji has been directing films since 1961, but internationally is best known for his late-career "Samurai Trilogy" (2002 - 2006). There is always a heavy dose of nostalgia in his films and this one is no exception! Director Yoji Yamada delayed principal photography of Tokyo Kazoku, a remake of Yasujiro Ozu's Tokyo Story, from the beginning of April 2011 due to the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and subsequent Fukushima meltdown, which occurred on March 11th 2011... from the beginning nothing was going easy!

Remaking a film like "Tokyo monogotari" (Tokyo Story, 1954), the Ozu film that is repeatedly voted to be the greatest film of all time, was very challenging task. I love the result - re-imagining of the original, with contemporary setting and some differences which could be almost called improvements!

Likeable faces with excellent acting skills, combined with great camera work and interesting cinematography revoking some old Ozu styles. as well as great directing, made this family drama one of the best ones coming from Japan.

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