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  • Halloween
  • Aliens
  • Happiness
  • Sorcerer

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  • Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering


  • Out There Halloween Mega Tape


  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers


  • Kids vs. Aliens


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  • Hellraiser: Hellworld

    Hellraiser: Hellworld


    I hope Henry Cavill lays awake at night thinking about how lucky he is that this movie should’ve ruined his career but somehow didn’t

  • Night of the Demons 2

    Night of the Demons 2


    I used to think this was a step-down, but after watching them back-to-back I think I honestly liked 2 even more than the first. 

    Pros: commando-nuns, holy water super soakers, boobs that turn into hands, demonic car-seat genital rubbing

    Cons: sexy dance to Morbid Angel (again, ?????)(but tbh, this might actually be a pro), worst ending shot of all time

Recent reviews

  • Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering

    Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering


    Had only ever watched the original and read the story, did not know that all of these are stacked and kinda bang. Consider me a big time corn-kid fan 🌽

  • Carrie



    “We should have a rule. If they do something in a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie, we’re not allowed to do it in real life.”

    There’s still an hour and 20 minutes to go, but I can tell you already - it’s a 3.5
    Excruciatingly of its time in a way that makes it objectively bad in 1,000+ different ways, yet still eminently watchable. This time we’re in high school at a time when I was in 10th grade, so I…

Popular reviews

  • The Stuff

    The Stuff


    A mixed bag that alternates between boring/repetitive and HELL YEAH every couple minutes

  • Hereditary



    A dread-soaked masterpiece of evil that is as heavy dramatically as it is utterly terrifying. This was my most anticipated film of the year and it did not disappoint one bit. Will probably see it 3-4 more times before it leaves theaters.

    6/5 stars