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"Load. Aim. Shoot."

It's like this film was made for me. It's a martial arts, historical fiction musical starring two gorgeous brown men with their shirts off, I mean... c'mon, take my money already!

I hesitate to watch this because of its daunting runtime, but that faded away instantly as this film hooks you within the first 5 minutes and refuses to let go. Director S.S Rajamouli packs so much into this film from wild animal chases to elaborate rescue attempts to breathtaking song and dance numbers, all the way to elegant, if not outlandish, fight choreography. This movie truly has it all, but at its heart, is a story about family, brotherhood, and country.

It's elaborate, exquisite, outlandish and I truly loved every second of it. It's the first Indian film that I think should be converted to a Broadway musical, it's got that much crossover appeal. I hope I get to see more from these actors in the future and hopefully Marvel takes a look at Rajamouli. If he could bring all of that in a fictional historical retelling, imagine what he could bring to a comic book film with actual superheroes. It could be delicious.

Kind of like the two leads in this film. I'm just saying. Hubba,hubba...

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