Emergency ★★★★

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"Sexist coward wiener."

There are two reasons why I like this movie so much. For one, it takes the typical college party comedy trope and flips it on its head, and secondly, it really highlights something I say all the time about a lot of non-racially diverse films, which is that, you don't have real problems.

This easily could've been a satirical romp on the black college party life, where even the cops party with the teenagers, but then it would've been parody. Director Carey Williams takes the realistic route while still maintaining some snark and a dash of social commentary on so-called "allies" and their behavior.

Still, I love that Williams doesn't abandon the humor even when things get pretty serious, but he does know when the fun and games are over. It's a masterful balance that he handles with a deft hand. RJ Cyler is well on his way to superstardom. His comedic and dramatic timing in this film is top-notch. He is equally uproarious as he is deeply offensive. Again taking the familiar tropes we know and love from these types of films and flipping it to suit this character.

Emergency gets pretty crazy, and there are some admittedly bad decisions made, but where this film ultimately lands is a profound one. Not just on the brotherhood between these friends, but on how your choices and life decisions can't compete with perception, knowing who to let in your space and who to push out, and how trauma, no matter what we do in life, will always stick with us. Those are real problems.

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