Zodiac ★★★½

You can never really go that wrong with a crime thriller from David Fincher. Zodiac uses the real life events of the Zodiac Killer to add to his crime/mystery filmography, one that although doesn't tarnish the legacy, doesn't really add much to it either as it'll live in the likes of Se7en and Gone Girl's shadow.

David Fincher has mastered suspense through camerawork and sound, it can't really be improved which is shown in numerous scenes that are masterfully done to build the tension and building fear as the worry crept up on me time and time again throughout the film. Jake Gylenhall puts in another good performance as the nerdy cartoonist with a passion for solving puzzles and RDJ plays his typical brach cocky persona very well also in this film. Zodiac also does a good job in telling this story as it is rather complicated and spans a great length of time and you are rarely confused and the majority of the time all loose ends are tied in succinct manner.

However, there were a few instances that stand out as never really expanded upon and some elements that never really got followed up on such as RDJ's character seems quite unimportant despite being prominent for the first half and a few moments of development to the story that doesn't lead to anything and felt almost forgotten about instead of adding more to the story. Ruffalo's character felt quite plain to me and was never that interesting whether it was performance or writing I just wasn't that invested. There are points also throughout the movie where it just feels quite slow and youre getting nowhere in the movie, which maybe to mirror the frustration of characters getting nowhere in the case, but unfortunately their frustration can be mirroed simultaneously by tbe viewer at lack of development.

There's no doubt about it that this movie is quite clever and suspenseful, however, I think the length killed it a little bit for me as there was just too many scenes of clues or false suspects that led to nothing. It makes for interesting cinema at times when the character's drive for this crime takes over their life and realistically ruining it, thankfully that makes good cinema and enjoyable, interesting mystery movie.

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