Nathaniel JD.

Nathaniel JD.

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  • The Game
  • Se7en
  • The Godfather
  • Brick

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Recent reviews

  • Lamb



    Lamb is weird as fuck. there are certain things that cannot be explained and have no substitute for it. I think this is absolutely what you get when you spend most of your time breeding animals and growing crops in an isolated farmland. 

    the cinematography was serene and gorgeous which restores the movies slow paced, pointless chapters and droning shots. the actors are reserved and often resentful of any expression. But once you get to the weird part the tension…

  • Old



    Old really taps into our subconscious. our perception of human nature depicts an exploited and factual encounter to fear of time running out. it’s an evaluation of mortality that has its darkness.

    Shyamalan’s really bold and this skill set of bringing a myriad of abstract intricacies just always hits the right spot. just like time, being old is inevitable. and there is no escaping this. in the movie Old, our existentialism sinks in deep and we realize the true aspect…

Popular reviews

  • Zodiac



    Brilliant.  Psycopaths imitating human emotions to manipulate other people to gain power. The eerie desolate feel of the dark just clicks perfectly in this film. An unknown mask murderer suddenly goes into a killing spree then vanishes into the face of the earth without a trace of hope. Both detectives and serial killers thought they were trying to hide from reality, but instead, they were just trying to reshape it, to reframe their focus.

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Damn, this shit stings. Adam Sandler proves that he is a formidable actor. Unrelenting sheer force and anxiety filled charisma, Uncut Gems offers the thrill and drama with the right scores. It flows with social tensions and droning beats yet creates a myriad of emotions. Sandler along with its creative aspect as an actor fulfills the right intensity the film entails. From a confused and disarrayed individual it builds up an emotion like a lion which continues to sink its…