Halloween ★★★½

"It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare."

This was a surprisingly good film. Despite all the love for this movie, i didn't actually expect to enjoy it that much as so far in this Halloween project, most beloved movies have been kind of a miss for me. But this, this is how to do a good horror movie.

While i must state to begin, this film wasn't actually scary, i could easily see how it could be to some people, or how it could have been when it was released. This film takes a very different approach to Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm street as it focuses on less. Instead of showing us tons of blood and gore in order to shock and disgust us, this movie instead focuses on tension building via amazing cinematography and a great and atmospheric score. The scene where Michael's face suddenly appears out of the darkness was amazing and came close to frightening me. The movie was very well made.

However it wasn't perfect. The acting, for the most part was very, 80's. I'm sure it was good back then but it seems kind of silly now. It wasn't awful however, and the film didn't really suffer because of it. Also a few things in the movie aren't very well explained. For example, at the beginning we see Michael do something, and then 15 years later the Doctor things he's more of an "it" than a "him", but it's never properly explained why. Also unless it's just chance, it's never truly explained why Michael goes after the people in this movie.

Michael himself i thought was amazing. He was creepy, probably the creepiest horror villain so far. Mainly due to the fact that he's just a normal person. He's not deformed, he's not dead, he's just an emotionless psychopath. That's pretty creepy. Also he's unstoppable but we don't know why, as he is just a messed up guy, the fact that he's seemingly impossible to kill is made a lot creepier.

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