School of Rock

School of Rock ★★½

It's funny. I finished watching this and was not impressed. Then I come on here and see mostly 5 star reviews, which is totally cool, but that was not my own reaction.

Man child rocker, Dewey (Jack Black) is facing getting kicked out of the apartment he shares with his friend, Ned (Mike White)who's a substitute teacher and fellow band member, and Ned's partner, Patty (Sarah Silverman). The band kicks him out. Patty is tired of putting up with Dewey not having the rent and he's about to be homeless when he decides to commit identity fraud and pose as Ned for a substitute teaching gig at a prep school. Since he isn't qualified to be a teacher or in fact interested in anything but rock, he ends up forming the kids into a band. There's a contest and....

Look, this ain't new. It's a conflation of two subgenres that were tired and hackneyed in 2003. You can spot each beat of the story coming at you five minutes before it hits.

There's too much misogyny sprinkled throughout this. I could have done without the homophobic stereotyping. And despite one or two nice moments with a character who's overweight (Maryam Hassan), this mostly fails for me.

I fully admit to not being Jack Black's biggest fan. He's full on here. No holding back. No subtlety. It's a good role for him, but this is just not for me.

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