Lightyear ★★★★

It’s no Luca, which is and remains top tier Pixar, but this was so FUN! I can see why Andy loved it and had this come out in 1995 I just know audiences would have loved it as much. 

That said they had an incredible GAY storyline with a woman of color and position who kissed her partner ON screen. It’s small, and may seem insignificant, but in the grand scheme this is SO huge. 

Please tell all your friends and family to support not only Pixar’s FIRST theatrical release since Disney+ BUT also to support the incredible company that fought for this small piece of representation so that we might get more in the future. That’s all. 

Anyway, I had a good time and the child in me appreciates the child that was Andy. I think he and I would’ve been incredible pals.

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