Halloween ★★★½

this was my first time ever watching halloween. my expectations weren't very high, yet i was still disappointed. the pacing was very choppy with some parts dragging on for way to long, while the ending was quite abrupt. there's literally two songs on the soundtrack, and they're obviously iconic which makes it exciting the first few times they play, but they're just so overused. the same songs are just played constantly throughout the entire movie and it's irritating. this is still obviously an entertaining movie and the atmosphere is created so well. what's so chilling about it is the way michael behaves so casually. he stands in the daylight, watching laurie and her friends. he follows them closely behind in his car, not even worrying about being caught. the most terrifying thing you can experience is being in daylight, in a place of comfort, but still in danger. even where you should be safe, you're never safe. michael is there, day and night, watching you.

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