Oh boy it sur3 is January. This movi3 is a jok3. M3GAN is anoth3r viral TikTok movi3 and just lik3 Smile it is laughably bad. But not in a fun, 3njoyabl3 way, mor3 lik3 a g3nuin3ly painful 3xp3ri3nc3. Th3 p3rformanc3s w3r3 by far th3 worst off3nd3r; th3 d3liv3ri3s and production of it all was lik3 watching a Hallmark movi3 try to b3 scary. And to s33 this with such a pack3d crowd? I don't normally go to th3 th3at3rs on a Saturday aft3rnoon but my showing was n3arly sold out?? I can und3rstand why p3opl3 ar3 having fun with this but it is crazy to s33 th3 numb3rs M3GAN is pulling.

2023 RANK3D🤖🤖

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