Spencer ★★★★½

Past, present and the future. Cold. We’re watching you so they don’t. Knocking is alwats rude. Gossip. Mental health. Delusions. Support. What do people really think? Who can I trust? Tradition. Silence. Driving yourself. Schedule. Hearing everything.

What a performance by Kristen Stewart! Kristen Stewart is able to be a prisoner whilst being a free bird and code-switching among a range of emotions through someone else who’s not a fictional character. That's a mouthful even to say. Performances like these about real people are few and far between, but when you find them you want to jump into a chasm of information about the person the actor is portraying. Before, I only knew about Princess Diana’s tragic fate, but now I know a lot more about her. Interviews she was in. What people thought about her. What she thought about herself. Why she acted the way she did. Her relationship with Charles and how he treated her, how he cheated on her. But, the thing that I found most fascinating to learn more about was her relationship with the media.

"Their lenses are terribly powerful these days, Ma'am."
"Their lenses are more like microscopes, actually. And I am the insect in the dish. You see, they're pulling my wings and my legs off. One by one. Making notes on how I react. "Oh, she really does make a fuss this one, doesn't she?""

I think Kristen Stewart and Benedict Cumberbatch EASILY should win Best Actress/Best Actor. It's not even close. And yes, I haven't seen every movie where an actress is nominated, but I don't have to. I know none of them are going to even come close to this performance. Kristen Stewart gives one of the best performances I've ever seen. She leans into the "princess"/diva attitude while being vulnerable and opening up to the camera who seems to be the only character she can be herself around. It was extremely evident and littered throughout this film that Kristen Stewart has the utmost respect for Princess Diana, that she did hours upon hours of research to write and sign this love letter to Princess Diana. To do it right.

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