Lou (rhymes with wow!)

Lou (rhymes with wow!)


Mostly interested in T.R.A.S.H. and sleaze™
Lover of all that is weird and unusual
I don't watch a lot of contemporary stuff

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  • The Telephone Box

    The Telephone Box


    A fun Spanish short about a guy getting stuck in a newly installed telephone box with no possibility of getting out. The set-up is an absurd one but it is executed so well that you just get swept up in the situation. Initially the whole thing is played for laughs but it gradually escalates into something more sinister.

    Definitely worth 35 minutes of your time.

  • Venus Flytrap

    Venus Flytrap

    Unlike most cheaply made SOV movies, Venus Flytrap is actually fairly competently made. Like others have mentioned, this movie takes a lot of cues from Ruggero Deodato's House on the Edge of the Park, but it is more goofy than nasty and it adds an interesting twist.

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  • Death Smiles on a Murderer

    Death Smiles on a Murderer


    Deliciously gothic and weirdly erotic, Death Smiles on a Murder is a wonderful slice of Joe D'Amato bizarreness. The movie has an almost dream-like quality to it, which had me clueless as to what exactly was unfolding on screen. All I know for certain is that when you give Klaus Kinski some beakers you'll end up with magic. Also, there is no such thing as too many cat jump scares.

    I got to search out some more Ewa Aulin movies.

  • Watch Me When I Kill

    Watch Me When I Kill


    The title and poster for this giallo really give you the wrong impression going in. Instead of a sleazy, vicious flick, we get something a lot more subdued and tasteful.

    There is nothing flashy about it, but the story/mystery is at least well crafted and its conclusion carries some serious weight.

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  • The Bloodstained Shadow

    The Bloodstained Shadow

    I'll take convoluted Italian thrillers for 100 dollars, Alex.

    You know, I have seen this movie at least 3 times now and on every rewatch I forget the motive for the killings. At least the convoluted nature of some of these gialli has me revisiting them on a semi regular basis. They just warrant multiple watches.

    This one is pretty solid. The lapses in reason are a bit more glaring here but the actors are still able to make it…

  • Attack of the Beast Creatures

    Attack of the Beast Creatures

    Attack of the Beast Creatures is a no-budget creature drone made by people with an obvious love for classic B-movies. The effects, gore and creatures* are all very crude but also very charming.

    Even at a little over 80 minutes the movie is just too meandering. It probably would have worked better as a short.

    *creepy looking puppets/dolls