Kinetta ★★★★½

I first saw this at 2:30am, on my phone and while sharing a single bed with my at the time girlfriend with the film nearly on mute as to not wake her up, in those circumstances I felt I was missing something, today that proved to be true. Seeing the film on the big screen has completely 180’d me on it, the film is a true underappreciated masterpiece, laying the groundwork for Lanthimos’ stellar career so far, but you’d be forgiven for not recognising this as a Lanthimos film at first, the film is slow, quiet and uses its silences and camerawork to carry the plot whereas newer Lanthimos films rely somewhat heavily on his expertly written scripts Kinetta strips down the script to its bare bones. It’s always a treat to see where your favourite director started out, it’s even better when the debut is this good.

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