Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★½

LFF #31
Odeon Chatham

Grander in scope than Knives Out in that the actions within the film threaten to have an impact outside of the setting it’s in. Funnier and much more online than the previous film too with a lot of the jokes coming at the expense of those who denied COVID or are the Andrew Tate / Ben Shapiro types of the world, the sort of people that deserve to be the butt of the joke, essentially. 

Beneath the jokes is a compelling film centring  around the class divide, those in the upper classes will use their power to keep those below down. Those below will often bend to the will of those above in order to try and get a leg up even when it’s not beneficial for them or their morals. In the end, people are people. We will all use eachother until there’s no need for them anymore, you’re useful until you’re not.

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