Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★

☀️Daily Horror Hunt ☀️#38🔆 August 2021🔆
2. One of my favorite parts of these monthly horror hunts is finding hidden gems. So let's get digging! Watch a movie from Hollie Horror's Overlooked and Underrated Horror Movies list.

That opening musical rif sounded a lot like Stigmata by Ministry, but alas it wasn't.
Brilliantly executed. You can tell that fun was had by all involved in this. Tongue in cheek all the way.
The scene in the bedroom is hilarious.
"Use the manual if you have to. Page 42 is a good one."

"If only there were something more. It all seems so pointless.*Sigh*" Gregory Cox does a fabulous job in the role of the tormented killer and his delivery on the one-liners is priceless.
Don't really get the poster artwork. This artwork is much better!
Cheeky fun.

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