Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★½

March into Madness: Daily Horror Hunt #21 – March 2020
28. Watch any horror movie that Bruno Mattei had anything to do with, he could be the writer, producer, director, etc.
Random thoughts during this film collage:
Is that Dick Van Dyke with a gas mask?
Wait, did he just pull a spleen out of that guy's chest?
The four soldiers are hilarious.
"It could be a leprechaun!"
Groovy National Geographic scenes.
(Got super bored and zoned out for about 20 minutes, so I really had no idea what was happening). Then there was a doll's head on the beach.
The eyeballs though!🤣
Horrible trashy hilarious horror.
I think this is my first (intentional) Mattei experience and I feel oddly compelled to watch more.

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