🧶Cynthia Kenne🧶

🧶Cynthia Kenne🧶


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  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Léon: The Professional
  • True Romance
  • Wild at Heart

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  • Thingu


  • The Wasp Woman


  • Cronos


  • Red Dot


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  • Two Thousand Maniacs!

    Two Thousand Maniacs!


    "We got us some good 'uns! Dogged if we don't!"
    If you haven't experienced the Pleasant Valley Centennial and 'Ole Teeterin' Rock you better get yourself prepared for the celebration! Don't miss the barrel roll!
    This is one of my personal favorites. I have seen it countless times. Many, many more than necessary.
    The guitar and banjo toting maniacs are a highlight for me. When watching Cannibal the Musical I always harken back to this.
    Please, I beg you, watch…

  • Pearl



    The technicolored origin story of the embittitered Pearl...
    Mia Goth kills it.
    Best ending credits EVER.

    I have to rewatch X immediately.

    🩸Hooptober 9🩸I’ll be right back😱
    HORRORx52 (2022 Edition)

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  • Thingu



  • The Wasp Woman

    The Wasp Woman


    Desperate to save her cosmetics company and reclaim her youth, Janice Starlin (Susan Cabot) injects herself with wasp venom enzymes. What could possibly go wrong? Cheeky 50s fun. For an hour-long film, I was satisfied. And while I always wonder what it would've been like to come of age in the 50s, I'm grateful for the horror genre offerings we have today.
    I too went down the rabbit hole reading about Susan Cabot's life and tragic death. So sad.
    Great way to scratch a B-movie itch on a rainy Saturday morning.

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  • The Wicker Man

    The Wicker Man


    🌺Murder and May-hem: Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020💀
    4. Let's have a 70s Dinner Party with a 70s horror, the 70sier the better! If you want to eat something encased in jello while you watch, I won't judge.

    Omygarsh the May Morrison Sweets shop is the best thing I've seen in aaaages. This film screams 70s, like a Donovan song gone really really wrong.
    This is the quintessential film for May, 1st! 🥀 If you have it on…

  • Possession



    ☠️😈Hooptober 7.0👿☠️ #1
    (6 Decades: 1981)

    My first official entry in the Hooptober Challenge and what a freaking doozy!! This is like the antichrist of Marriage Story.

    Andrzej Zulawski rips the raw, visceral elements of love/obsession; boiling/toxic hate; guilt/jealousy...
    "Maybe all couples go through this...?" -Anna-

    and physically splatters them on the screen in a terrifying tempest. I mean, DAMN! It's a relentless assault of emotions, images and events that left me exhausted with my eyeballs bleeding.
    Isabelle Adjani is…