Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★★★

Spoilers if you care, the movie is a head trip so I could be referring to anything as he has frequent hallucinations.

"Well there's a scene where a woman gets raped by a beaver, and then shot in the head by a bazooka" - Ed
Well if that quote doesn't sum up this movie, then I don't know what else does... That doesn't actually happen in the film btw, but it probably does in Zombeavers idk?
This movie pays homage to the Evil Dead franchise (probably wouldn't exist without it tbh), Night of The Living Dead (they're coming to get you Barbara! yeah his wife is called Barbara), Re-Animator with the green syringe and pretty much all the good shit and splatter from the 70s/80s. Shocking considering this is mid 90s, it really doesn't feel like one!
Literally though the splatter dep boss is called Sam Campbell (figure that one out), the Sam Raimi something is coming for you camerawork is used extensively and how it's used in Evil Dead, no.1 hair metal robber says "Groovy" and some of the effect work and actions of characters are lifted straight from Evil Dead.

I loved this movie so much though! the special Ed-Ition by Arrow is absolutely class, I enjoyed very much. The restoration to HD is superb almost always, and it really helps the film be that much better!
Theres: extreme gore, stupid gremlin fridge puppet, a big satan like Tim Curry, clips from stupid slasher franchise Loose Limbs, Ed acting like a tosser, idiot characters, idiot military police, Ed gets blown apart graphically and scissors in the god dang FOOT!
Speaking of the Loose Limbs clips, I love the one from Loose Limbs 5 with the evil "doctor", he cuts off this babes foot who just says "Oh ma foot!" and he's like "Don't thank me, thank science!" then precedes to hack her apart with a cleaver hahahah.

It's seriously funny throughout! literally nearly every scene has a laugh! It's either Ed's dub being crap and him being a goofball, Sam Campbell being a big horrible sleaze bag, this movie literally starts with suicide via grenade in the mouth, everyones dubs are crap, the military man saying "nice" to stupid shit like "nice door" what?, Ed saying perverse and explicit things to his daughter and his wife, the old lady next door becoming a big breasted BABE and other such nonsense.

A definite watch if you're a fan of goofy 80s horror like: Re-Animator, Evil Dead and slashers n shit. In fact this has gave me a massive craving to watch Re-Animator, and the fact this has five stars and that doesn't is odd. Definitely need to re-watch it!

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