Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★

It’s more clearer & more sense on the second viewing.

I know the movie suffers from messy plot lines & some plot holes all over the place. A lot of reasons, it could be the re-shootings, change of decisions, preventing some spoilers for the next phase, availability of the actors & talents, release delays, the pandemic, and of course the manipulation of the big bosses (Disney).

It could be more worst if this is not directed by Sam Raimi. But I can see they still preventing him to be himself and be wild. Although his creative visuals & camera shots helps the film to tell the story.

That musical notes fight scene is too cartoonish, corny & out of place for a horror genre, I don’t like it. Come on it’s Dr. Strange vs Evil Strange, it should be more dark than that like mystical beast duels or some other Strange’s cool powers.

But anyway, it still good & enjoyable.
Still I’m disappointed, Tom Cruise’s Iron Man Supreme doesn’t shown up.

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