Roma ★★★★½

I cannot believe it took me this long to watch this.
Roma is a vast and personal distillation of a turbulent age in Mexican history. Its characters bear a great deal of moral resonance and complexity. Aparicio carries a lot of weight as the story's centerpiece, and she replies by giving one hell of a performance, bringing a richness of lightness and complexity to her part. Although nanny narratives can come across as repetitious and unimaginative, this comes across as upright stunning. Cuaron isn’t afraid to show us that Mexico is a nation of stark variances. This is a place where the people are not hesitant to fight for equality, but where resistance is brutally suppressed. A country with strong women, but an even stronger patriarchy. There are people who are incredibly rich but on the flip side, immense poverty. This is a country with caring mothers, but it's also a nation where fathers are truant. Cuaron has constructed a delicate and personal narrative superbly.

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