there is no great film, there's just something that touches you for a moment

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  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence

    I read somewhere that before the homecoming scene, Gena Rowlands asked John Cassavetes for pointers on what Mabel would be like after her stay at the psychiatric hospital. He didn't tell her anything, much to her frustration, and instead started picking on her and mocking her to elicit the emotions he felt she needed for that scene; anger and resentment towards her husband and family for sending her away.

    Gena, however, completely surprised him and acted the part quietly and…

  • Identikit


    "widely considered to be [Elizabeth Taylor's] worst film"

    if you get it you get it, if you dont you
    don't, if you know you know and if you dont know like i honestly feel bad for you, like i cannot explain it i dont have the vocabulary to sit here and explain, like you get the vibe or you don't get the vibe

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  • Blonde



    At some point Ana as Marilyn says "I'm just a vessel" and that's exactly what Marilyn is to Andrew Dominik, a vessel unto which he projects his own fantasies, his own perceptions and his own desires. (with the help of Joyce Carol Oates of course).

    That is not Marilyn. Marilyn was so much more interesting that this. Because this portrayal is truly not interesting at all. The image of the self destructive star has been done many times and a…

  • Daisies


    me using the rainbow effect from windows movie maker: it's called czechoslovakian new wave, idiot