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  • Clair Obscur

    Clair Obscur


    Although acting is near perfect, there are some strong issues with the storyline of this movie. Characters are not built as they should have been. Yeşim Ustaoğlu clearly wanted to make a non-cause-and-effect story, but this is the type of movie that you should go cause-and-effect, considering it is about psychoanalysis!

    The biggest problem is that Şehnaz (Funda Eryiğit) was not drawn as a solid character. She is very good at her work, but she cannot analyze her own husband,…

  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon


    The new feature film by Cem Yilmaz is about a man who was an unsuccessful background actor who sells pirated DVDs who wants to save his marriage. That is the curious background of the main actor, Zafer (Cem Yilmaz), finally decides to make a movie to save his relationship.
    The film they're making is actually an old script, written in 70s, never had a chance to put in act, for various reasons. Therefore, the movie has some funny (and also…