Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★★

I want to talk about the last scene of the film and why I love it so much. I know there has been another review who talked about how they feel about the ending (and it’s a great read if you haven’t already), but I still want to get my two cents on it either way. 

So the final scene is where we see MJ singing at the Jazz Club talking about how she’s threw with love after the experience she had gone through in this film and doesn’t want anything to do with it. But as she sings that song, Peter walks in and gets a glimpse of her singing front and center (a nice callback to where MJ references that she wants to spend the rest of her life singing on stage with him in the first row), before MJ noticed him and stops singing the song about being threw with love. 

Peter and MJ gives one look at each other before Peter stretches out his hand to dance with MJ. She acts all “really Pete? You want to do this”, before she agrees to take his hand. Now the two go from being a bit distanced from each other (with MJ on stage, and Peter not being on stage) to seeing them face to face in the middle of the club. 

That same club where Peter hit MJ under the influence of the symbiote and where everyone saw it happened. That same club where Peter finally understood that all the terrible shit happened in the film, happened because of him. 

But now, it’s just the two of them with no distractions. They give a look at each other with Peter giving his remorse of everything he put her throughout the film (and the whole trilogy for that matter) without the need of saying anything, and MJ coming in to hold him tight as she could with tears on her face, signaling that Peter has owned up to the shit he did and wants to be serious about their relationship this time. All of it being beautifully conveyed without having the two saying anything at all.

And as all of this happens, the two dance the night away. Not in a fun sparky way, but a slow yet tender dance where things will take its time to sow up again and it shows how they really need each other. No what happens, Peter and MJ needs that comfort within their relationship and this dance showcases that, beautifully. 

It shows that Peter has always love MJ, and MJ has always loved Peter. No matter what.

That makes me fucking cry every time. Every god damm time. 

As of the date of writing this, I’m currently working on an essay on why this whole trilogy means so much to me for my blog. But it’s sort of hard exactly why I love it so much, and I think the final scene of Spider-Man 3 sums up why. 

Even tho it’s a trilogy filled with groundbreaking action, genre defining spectacle, and capturing the spirt of the comic book at hand, Sam Raimi and nearly everyone involved with this trilogy really puts more of its focus on the raw, human, and realistic looks of people within its story, characters, and themes that sparked through all 3 films. Making them a trilogy that its more of a human drama trilogy that also included superhero stuff in it. 

It’s amazing to me that this trilogy ended where it started. With Peter Parker catching his eye on Mary Jane Waston. Except now, he’s gone from just being the boy who got bitten by a spider, to being a man who has grown to have empathy and compassion towards others while learning more of what it means to be a hero. That is just beautiful.

I’m not super crazy with superhero films for the most part. But the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy is one of those rare exceptions in that genre I will defend in a heartbeat, and the ending to Spider-Man 3 is the reason why. 

God. I miss Tobey, Kristen, Raimi and this trilogy so much.

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