Scream ★★★

Huh… I’m sort of torn. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoy it and there’s a lot to enjoy about it from its kills, performances, direction, and the way it ties the 25 year legacy in a very interesting way. But my main problem with this is that a lot of what it’s trying to say about its commentary within todays culture felt like it was said in the franchise much better in previous films in the series (especially with Scream 4) that looses some of the cleverness the series had. Plus some writing decisions felt me a little puzzled and not handled pretty well. 

I still had a fun time with this film. Just wished it could have been polished better in certain areas, that’s all. 

Also I would kill to have a friend like Mindy to watch and talk about movies with. Not to mention it’s nice to see that Sidney still kick ass after all these years.

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