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  • Blood


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  • Blood



    Brad Anderson's latest offers a slightly more realistic take on the horror genre. Don't go in expecting too much gore or straight-up tension, Anderson goes for a slow build-up and an increasingly disturbing atmosphere. It's the drama that drives the horror, not the other way around.

    Jess is trying to pick up her life after her husband divorced her. She moves into the house of her late aunt with her two kids, but after only two weeks there her son's…

  • New Jack City

    New Jack City


    A black gangster flick. Its biggest selling point is no doubt the short(er) runtime, Van Peebles doesn't need more than two hours to bring his story to a conclusion, which is a blessing. Other than that, it's a relatively fun take on the genre, but there's not much here that hasn't been done better elsewhere.

    Nino Brown runs a pretty bold gangster outfit. His gang takes flight when they start making and distributing crack, a drug that's quickly taking over…

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  • 2LDK



    This film, being made in just a week, is obviously a little rough around the edges. At the same time, there's also a level of vitality and energy that is often lacking from films that are more meticulously planned. Tsutsumi made some smart decisions, keeping the cinematography and soundtrack more functional, while focusing on elements that were able to stand out more easily. With two spirited actresses, a fun and progressively more over-the-top script, nifty dark comedy and a very…

  • Hotel Poseidon

    Hotel Poseidon


    Lernous combines the vigor and enthusiasm of a first-time director with the focus and confidence of someone who already knows every trick in the book. It's a rare combination that explains why Hotel Poseidon turned out the way it did. The film is a celebration of the weird, the absurd and the surreal, constantly adding new layers of wonder, forcing its audience to sit back in submission and let the film wash over them. This is mood cinema pur sang,…